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Here’s Something You Should Buy. It’s Awesome. I Promise.


Okay, I just want to share that The Body Shop’s Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia and Salt Scrub works fantastically for me. I have very, very dry skin that. Granted, I haven’t experimented a lot with body washes. In fact, I only got this one because it came free with my order.

And I am SO glad I got it!

It isn’t as rough as other salt scrubs I’ve tried. The smell is gorgeous–cool, airy and floral, very subtle yet just noticeable enough. You don’t need very much at all per wash, so it does last a long time. (It took me a couple tries, though–I used WAY too much the first time around!) Also, my skin was soft and perfectly smooth.  This scrub has shea butter in it, which would explain that. It works as well as a lotion, and almost as well as body butter. In fact, after I use this scrub, I often don’t even need a lotion afterward.

Again, I’m not too keen on the price. $28 for 13.5 ounces is two dollars an ounce. Regardless of how well it works, I think that’s pretty steep. I’d say I wish I knew how small it was before I bought it, but I got it for free, so I can’t complain =)Also, it’s 100% fair trade, so actually, it is worth the full price. Smooth, moisturized skin, amazing scent, shea butter, fair trade–you probably can’t do better.

Overall, it’s worth it. I just hate spending money. But I didn’t this time, so I should shut up. Just saying,  if you qualify for a free Spa Wisdom item with your order, pick this one!