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CloudStor, Why Are You Giving Me a Headache?


Regarding Buffalo’s 1-terrabyte capacity CloudStor device, I must first say that I’m not entirely pleased with it. When it runs, it’s great. And actually, the hardware itself is always functional. But it’s really only functional when it decides it’s online.

Maybe I’m the exception, but even when I am online, surfing or Facebooking or doing homework or watching Pokemon episodes or whatever, the CloudStor is listed as “offline”. I don’t know whether my computer has trouble recognizing it, or whether the CloudStor has issue with my internet connection. Whatever the issue, it’s really starting to make me unhappy.

But the truth is, when it works (is online), this really is a great device. Within a couple of hours, I had it working flawlessly on my personal laptop. I plan to install the software on my family’s computers, as well, since between us, we have the greatest library of music, photos, and videos that ever was. 

It  comes with a helpful little pamphlet. It pretty much explains everything. Just go to the website listed on the first page, and follow the prompts. The CloudStor registered quickly and flawlessly.

I decided then to download the desktop plugin.

And that’s where I ran into my first problems. 

The initial download was fine. But at first, it wouldn’t do anything. It was taking up the space on my computer, but the PogoPlug folder is empty. When I first tried to install it, it ran into an error and aborted. I couldn’t figure out how to get the activation going again. I even deleted the folder and tried installing it again, but still, nothing. I finally went and restored my computer, and tried the download again. It was great. The only weird thing was, it went and opened two setup windows. Just stick with one. As soon as it’s done, exit the other one. Don’t even fool around with it. (I may have fooled with both, and wound up with un responsive system. Learn from my mistakes.)
If you download all the recommended plugins and software first, you should be fine as far as functionality goes. It’s still kind of buggy, and I don’t have a desktop icon. It’s pinned to my taskbar, but every time I click it, it tries to install the software a second time before web access opens up. It’s confusing, and irritating, but I’m sure there’s a way to figure it out.

Also, the CloudStor itself is still constantly listed as offline. That hasn’t sorted itself out. I have it for maybe two minutes, and then it’s gone, never to return without a system reboot of both the computer and the CloudStor itself.

Onto the good.

Before I had multiple netouts and confused the poor thing, and after I sorted out the PogoPlug software, it was working fine. The upload time is exemplary. All my files are present–photos, videos, documents, music–and as far as I can tell, uncorrupted. I can already tell the CloudStor is going to be a lifesaver as well as a major convenience.

I do absolutely recommend it, despite all of this. It’s ultra-convenient, very easy to setup, and intuitive when it comes to downloading.  Judging by most of the other reviews, bad experiences are in the minority, and the customer service department is already working on my problem. Just make sure (as any reasonable person would, I’m sure) that your internet connection is stable. Download all the plugins. And have fun =)