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So There’s a Book I Really Enjoyed


If you’re into great writing, flawless pacing, and horrifying subject matter that may or may not destroy your faith in humanity, you’ll probably like it, too. It’s called “The Wish Doctor“, written by the most likely pseudononymous G.R. Sabian.


The book follows the exploits of a crazily rich and seemingly soulless man who, for no discernible reason (other than a near-supernatural compulsion that I suspect is rooted in a traumatic past) randomly grants violent wishes to miserable people – regardless of whether the misery is warranted, the person is good, or the wishes are deserved. As an example, he burns one family alive to satisfy the wishes of a disgruntled young scion.


On to other things.


Somehow, he crosses paths with a child prostitute named Jamie. (Can you guess where this is going?) Her deepest wish, naturally, is that the pimps and offenders all die. Our hero, Harry, accomplishes this and assumes his work is done.


Only it’s not.


First off, the child refuses to let him leave. Second, she (understandably) has many issues that make her a danger to herself and others. By necessity, she is a master manipulator and basically, they end up in a twisted, if mostly sincere, approximation of a parent/child relationship. On top of that, the two have some kind of weird, understated psychic connection.


I’ll be honest. First, this is most definitely not a book I wish I’d written. Second, I definitely did not write it (just want to throw it out there – I am a professional writer, but I do things like ad copy, product descriptions, and blog posts for small/midsize businesses. I want to be a novelist, but I’m too chicken as of now to put my work out there).


Third, the entire novel is extremely disturbing on several levels. Think graphic violence and a lot of implied abuse and memories. It isn’t for everyone. In fact, the entire book is basically one giant trigger. As good as it most certainly is, as fantastic as the writer him/herself is, I can sort of understand why it’s retailing for $1 USD.


That said, I’ve been trying to talk people into reading it since I first read it in July of 2014, but my efforts have been in vain (and I can sort of see why, after reading the above endorsement). So, after this, I’m honestly giving up. I just couldn’t let it go without a cursory post on my very own blog. G.R. Sabian, whoever she/he is, is a stunningly fantastic writer. Think the pacing and spare, impactful sentences of Dean Koontz with the eerie lyricism of Cormac McCarthy wrapped around Tarantino-level violence (without the absurdity) and the true-to-life, hard-to-stomach grit of “Taxi Driver”. It’s cinematic and oddly literary at once.


If you can tolerate this, please read it – mostly because it’s supposedly part of a series and I want to make sure it continues.


In case you missed the link the first time, here it is: The Wish Doctor by G.R. Sabian.


It’s just $1, folks. Pleeeeeeeease do this. For me.


Wacom Tablets…


….are amazing. They make even my poor work tolerable.

I used to not think too much of Wacom tablets and similar products. I kind of thought of them as cheating. I still (kind of) think that they are, only in that they make it SO easy to eradicate any mistakes, and even easier to switch between mediums.  Assuming I can develop what little inclination I have into something credible (not incredible, just credible) I am absolutely upgrading. And I hope that I do get better. I’m a neurotic, as-yet-unpublished novelist (but that’ll change soon enough. The unpublished part, not the neurotic part) and in the near future, I want to write and illustrate a graphic novel. First, I have to be able to draw well on demand, not just goof around as the inclination strikes me. Don’t get me wrong; I can draw on demand, I just can’t draw with any semblance of talent on demand. Anyway, the point of that ramble is, I want to develop what skills/aptitudes I have (meager though they are) and make something of them, sooner rather than later, because “later” has a tendency to turn into “never”. Cross your fingers and offer up a little prayer for Rachele’s talent. I need all the help I can get. See?


Wouldn't it be a cute pet?



Pray a little. Help me out here.