$25 Over Two Months is Better than Nothing…I Think




The link above is to a site called SurverySavvy.com.The following is a review for said site.


First of all, I’m not hacked. This is actually something I did in a moment of desperation, and something I continue to do. It’s no way to make a living, but it IS a way to make Starbucks money.


First, the bad.


It’s obnoxious. You will not qualify to take at least half the surveys thrown your way. On the bright side, they usually figure out that you’re not who they’re looking for within three questions. Fact remains, though, that you are wasting some time. If you do qualify, you’re usually spending 10-30 minutes in pursuit of $1. Occasionally, you get $2, or $5, or $15. Ironically, the amount of time it takes to fill out a survey is inversely proportional to the amount of money you get. Half an hour of your valuable market research time pays $1. Seven minutes sometimes nets you $15. It can be infuriating. The fact remains, though, that money is money, and if you have nothing better to do (many do; at this point, I most certainly do not) you might as well. SurveySavvy is honest as far as these things go, and they know you’re not going to make much money at all from surveys. So, for your convenience, they also work on a referral system. Get a friend to sign up, and there is a bonus involved; if your friend qualifies for a survey and earns that $1 for their time, you get a bonus. You get a bonus every time that happens, for every friend/acquaintance/blog buddy that you refer. It can be worth it. Potentially, you could refer enough people to the point where you’re literally making a little money by doing nothing. It’s interesting. With a little work up front, it can be rewarding. 


If you don’t believe me (and I don’t blame you if you don’t) you can look up reviews of SurveySavvy. A little research will prove that I’m not lying, that I may even be onto something. Well, I am in fact onto something; hopefully, what I’m on to is more than fractions of a cent.


That all said, here’s a shameless plea: the link above is a quickie sign-up via my referral. Yes, if you sign up, I get a few pennies. If you make a little bit of money, I get a few pennies. But it doesn’t impact your own earnings, it actually expedites your registration, and most importantly, it will keep this starving writer who tries to sell books in coffee and fresh cream. Thank you, as always, for your time, and have beautiful day. (It’s beautiful where I’m at. Here’s hoping it’s beautiful where you are.)


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