Wacom Tablets…


….are amazing. They make even my poor work tolerable.

I used to not think too much of Wacom tablets and similar products. I kind of thought of them as cheating. I still (kind of) think that they are, only in that they make it SO easy to eradicate any mistakes, and even easier to switch between mediums.  Assuming I can develop what little inclination I have into something credible (not incredible, just credible) I am absolutely upgrading. And I hope that I do get better. I’m a neurotic, as-yet-unpublished novelist (but that’ll change soon enough. The unpublished part, not the neurotic part) and in the near future, I want to write and illustrate a graphic novel. First, I have to be able to draw well on demand, not just goof around as the inclination strikes me. Don’t get me wrong; I can draw on demand, I just can’t draw with any semblance of talent on demand. Anyway, the point of that ramble is, I want to develop what skills/aptitudes I have (meager though they are) and make something of them, sooner rather than later, because “later” has a tendency to turn into “never”. Cross your fingers and offer up a little prayer for Rachele’s talent. I need all the help I can get. See?


Wouldn't it be a cute pet?



Pray a little. Help me out here.


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      • Thank you so much. I think it takes one to know one. I mostly write poetry but I like dialogue so I write plays and screenplays too. So mostly drama/comedy. I have two narratives that are more supernaturally themed about dreams and such but they are barely bones of a story even at this time. I always keep them in my brain you never know when a good idea is gonna hit and fit with one of your abandoned stories. It happens to me all the time. Good luck and just keep doing it regardless.

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